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Musing # 13: Fathers Day Adventure

TweetFathers Day Adventure I’m still sticking to my plan of working Fathers Day into all my blog titles. I just wonder if I should put in a possessive apostrophe. My hunch is that most people when googling for Fathers Day ideas won’t bother with the apostrophe, and so I have decided to do without. As [...]

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Musing #12: Fathers is the perfect Fathers Day gift

TweetFathers is the Perfect Fathers Day Gift The title to today’s entry has everything to do with marketing, as does the entry itself. My theory is that blog titles are google beacons, and if I use key words in the title, anyone googling those words has a good chance of finding their way to the [...]

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Musing #11: Fathers Day Marketing and Beyond

TweetMusing #11: Fathers Day Marketing and Beyond. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea minima culpa. It turns out I’m no more virtuous than the next blogger. When I started this I swore I would never moan or apologize for not blogging frequently and consistently, yet here I am having to do exactly that. I am now [...]

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