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Blog #21: Virginia Woolf and Edmund Gosse

TweetIt was not that they minded, the children said. It was not his face; it was not his manners. It was him—his point of view. When they talked about something interesting, people, music, history, anything, even said it was a fine evening so why not sit out of doors, then what they complained of about [...]

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Blog #20: Fathers and Virginia Woolf

Tweet“My father is a chemist, Mrs. Ramsey. He keeps a shop.” He himself had paid his own way since he was thirteen. Often he went without a greatcoat in winter. He could never ‘return hospitality’ (those were his parched stiff words) at college. He had to make things last twice the time other people did; [...]

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Musing # 15: Muse Musing

TweetThe blogging muse has deserted me—assuming I ever had the pleasure of her company. For the last couple of days I have been trying to write this blog entry. I’ve typed out several drafts, and I’ve deleted them all as too ponderous or stodgy. I’ve bogged down in all of my writing attempts. No, I [...]

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