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Blog #40: “A Genius for Inaccuracy”: Andre Gerard and Edmund Gosse

TweetOuch, ouch, ouch! I’ve just discovered a glaring howler in Fathers. The metaphor, mixed as it sounds (though there is no reason why howlers shouldn’t glare), expresses my annoyance and irritation at making such a stupid mistake. Fittingly, I made the mistake in my biographical sketch of Edmund Gosse. Perhaps my “genius for inaccuracy” was [...]

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Blog #39: From Virginia Woolf to Thomas Carlyle to Edmund Gosse by Way of Juliette Atkinson

TweetO frabjous day. Callooh! Callay! My proposal to present a paper to the 22nd International Virginia Woolf conference has been accepted, and I am researching and writing like mad. The writing, as always, is most painful, but the research is a blast. I’m learning so much, and I’m discovering all over again how much I [...]

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Matremoir Tweet Summary #3: Who Killed Mom by Steve Burgess

TweetIn my last blog I referred to Who Killed Mom? as “ a humorous yet tender and wise delight of a book.” To write about a parent with humour is a rare and difficult thing. Clarence Day’s famous and wildly popular patremoir sketches in Life With Father are the only other successful example I know [...]

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Blog #38: Multiplying Matremoirs

Tweet“How did our mother, with her grace, her discretion, her exquisite sensitivity, spring from a woman with the grace of a tuba and the sensitivity of a stuffed sturgeon.” Zeitgeist is a funny thing. When I started tweeting a daily patremoir sentence, I did not give much thought to matremoirs. There were relatively few matremoirs [...]

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Patremoir Tweet Summary #8: I Am My Father’s Son by Dan Hill

TweetThough Dan Hill is famous as a singer and the writer of such songs as “Sometimes When We Touch” and “Can’t We Try,” I Am My Father’s Son is far more than just a celebrity memoir. Celebrity and the perils and complexity of the music industry are certainly a part of the story, yet throughout [...]

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Matremoir Tweet Summary #2: Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother and Me by Sarah Leavitt

TweetMy mother died of Alzheimer’s, and I well know the strength and heroism required to cope with the pain and confusions of the disease. For the most part mom was heroic. So too were dad, my siblings and I. And so too were Midge Leavitt, her husband, and her daughters. Tangles is equal parts celebration [...]

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