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Blog #44: To the Lighthouse: Lily Briscoe and Nellie Epps Gosse

Tweet I concluded last week’s Lily entry with the following thought: “The more models there are for Lily, the less particular and more general she becomes, in a historic sense at least. Paradoxically, this allows her to be more herself in an individual sense, since our understandings cannot fix her to one particular model, and [...]

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Blog #43: To the Lighthouse: Lily Briscoe and Arthur Briscoe

TweetAt last, Lily Briscoe. Poor Lily, I’ve kept her in the wings for months now. In this blogging performance, one thing leads to another, and, although Lily was promised, other events and names intervened. Not entirely a bad thing, as in the interim Lily has become a much richer figure for me, both “framework of [...]

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Blog #42: William Bankes of Kingston Lacy as William Bankes of To the Lighthouse

TweetMonths ago I promised to blog Lily Briscoe, but since she has already waited this long she can wait one more week. Today belongs to William Bankes. Like Charles Tansley, and Lily Briscoe, Bankes is a To the Lighthouse character for whom I found a historical antecedent. While the Tansley and Briscoe identifications are original [...]

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Blog #41: “Fathers: A Literary Anthology and Sir Arthur Tansley” or “Three Ways of Looking at To the Lighthouse”

TweetThis blog, and the next two, will be about To the Lighthouse. I haven’t been blogging or tweeting regularly of late because I have been working hard on a paper for the 22nd International Virginia Woolf Conference, to be held in Saskatoon at the beginning of June. In the course of my research, I have [...]

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