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Blog # 83: Matremoirs and Patremoirs are Everywhere

TweetUpdated List of Patremoirs Updated List of Matremoirs The more you look for something, the more you find it. I remember discovering wild flowers when I was twenty two, living in Victoria. Dodecatheon hendersonii, armeria maritima, zigadenus venenosus…there wasn’t a day when I wasn’t thrilled to discover a new flower. Growing up, the flowers had [...]

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Blog # 82: Matremoir List and List of Family Memoirs

TweetUpdated List of Patremoirs And here is the list of matremoirs, with, as an added bonus, a list of family memoirs. Sometimes father and mother are hard to disentangle. LIST OF MATREMOIRS 1) Agosin, Marjorie. A Cross and a Star (2011) 2) Al-Shaykh, Hanan. The Locust and the Bird (2011) 3) Ashworth, Andrea. Once In [...]

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Blog #81: Updated List of Patremoirs

TweetBelow is my latest patremoir list, and already it needs updating. I’ve just come across Larry Elder’s Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives…Eight Hours, and I lack the discipline to renumber all the entries after inserting that book. I’ll just tack the Elder to the back of the list as an addendum. My plan is [...]

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Blog # 80: Special Patremoirs: Graphic Narratives and Film Documentaries

TweetSpecial Patremoirs: Graphic Narratives and Film Documentaries I’m almost ready to post my updated lists of matremoirs and patremoirs, and lengthy lists they are. The patremoirs number 225 and the matremoirs number 49. From those lists, and from a third list of family memoirs, I’ve also extracted lists of graphic narratives and documentaries, and those [...]

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Blog #79: A Berryman Moment: J. R. Ackerley and Edmund Gosse

TweetI had a bad Berryman moment on Wednesday. In 1970, two years before his suicide, Berryman wrote “maybe my long self-pity has been based on an error, and there has been no (hero-)villain (Father) ruling my life, but only an unspeakably powerful possessive adoring MOTHER.” My moment—not as personal, not as traumatic—was prompted by a [...]

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