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Blog #187: The Kennet Legacy–Virginia Woolf and Kathleen Bruce Scott

TweetThe largest picture in his drawing-room, which painters had praised, and valued at a higher price than he had given for it, was of the cherry trees in blossom on the banks of the Kennet. It turns out that this week’s tunnel was already thoroughly explored and mapped some 15 years ago by Sarah Hall. [...]

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Blog #186: Supplemental to Great Expectations in Mrs. Dalloway

Tweet“And why, after all, does one do it? he thought, the divorce seeming all moonshine. And down his mind wen flat as a marsh” Mrs. Dalloway Today’s entry will be relatively short. In dipping back into Mrs. Dalloway, I stubbed my brain on the “flat as a marsh” phrase. I now feel it as another [...]

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Blog #185: On Seeing George Eliot Behind Middlemarch in To the Lighthouse

TweetOnce again I’ve overlooked the obvious in exploring a To the Lighthouse tunnel. In thinking about the importance of Middlemarch, I was so focused on inter-textual possibilities that I failed to see Middlemarch as a way of linking Mrs. Ramsay to George Eliot. I forgot how skilled Virginia is at masking the obvious, and I [...]

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