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Blog #189: Anna Karenina and To the Lighthouse (Blog 7 of 7)

TweetThey went to Hampton Court and he always left her, like the perfect gentleman he was, plenty of time to wash her hands, while he strolled by the river. To the Lighthouse Enough of Edward Hilton Young. Virginia’s interest in frustrated courtship had deep literary roots, as well as personal ones. I’ve already looked at [...]

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Blog #188: Further Kennet Kennings

TweetFour more Kennet related findings. The first is that in her diary for July 30th, 1933, Virginia mentions that she’s been writing memoirs and is “telling the story of W. H. and H. Y.” The notes to the Diaries identify W. H. and H. Y. as Walter Headlam and Hilton Young, and add that “no [...]

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