Blog #194: A Letter from George Meredith to Virginia Woolf

In addition to those contained in The Letters of George Meredith (1912), Virginia had one further letter at her disposal, one sent to her by Meredith on November 22, 1906, two days after the death of Thoby, but not made available to W. M. Meredith when he compiled The Letters. Published by Mohammad Shaheen in the Selected Letters of George Meredith (1997), it reads as follows:

Dearest Virginia,

You will know that among your friends I am one, with my whole heart close to you in your present great affliction. The loss of this bright young life is felt by me as if it had been a part of mine. I cannot pretend to offer consolation, for much sad experience tells me that it deals in this world to sufferer incapable of understanding it. Fortitude you will have inherited from father and mother. The sense that the hearts of your friends are about you may help: it will be warm with you later. Vanessa’s recovery is a flying gleam in our darkness. I cannot be near you personally in the last offices. My mind you will have then and always. Speak of me to Vanessa and Adrian.

George Meredith.

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