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Blog #13: Hobby-horse ride from Alison Bechdel to Annie Dillard

TweetIt would appear that I have a lot in common with Tristram Shandy’s uncle Toby. Once I straddle my hobby-horse, I find it very hard to dismount. I’m riding ethics to a lather, and Alison Bechdel has joined me on the ride. Interviewed in 2006 by The Guardian’s Oliver Burkeman, she commented that “I’ve discovered [...]

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Blog # 12: Adrienne Rich and Alison Bechdel

TweetAdrienne Rich and Alison Bechdel Serendipity has raised its beautiful head. For my introduction to Fun Home, I’ve started researching Alison Bechdel and reading more of her material. In the process of doing so, I discovered that Adrienne Rich was a big influence on her. No big surprise there. Like Heinrich Schleimann looking for Troy, [...]

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Blog #11: Rich Morality #4

TweetBlog #11: Rich Morality #4 [“It all depends on whose ox is getting gored.” This fourth and final part of the Rich Morality blog.] The letter was sent, and after the sending came the qualm. Ms. Rich had made herself clear; and while I was respecting the technical aspect of her request, I was disregarding [...]

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