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Blog #33: Patremoir Tweets as Found Poetry

TweetPatremoir of the Week: The Measure of a Man by J.J. Lee Because I am too lazy to type out each tweet again for this blog, I simply cut and paste the previous week’s tweets from my Twitter site. This means that the blog lists them in reverse order, and the sentences play off each [...]

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Blog #32: Re-Frayning Michael Frayn

TweetRe-Frayning Michael Frayn Margo had a good idea yesterday. She suggested that I use this blog to reinforce and amplify my Twitter site. By publishing my Patremoir of the Week tweets as a blog item, I’ll give a much stronger sense of the book I was tweeting from. I’ll create synergy between the blog and [...]

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Blog #31: Some poetry matters to some people some of the time

TweetToday’s blog is about a skirmish between Rita Dove and Helen Vendler. The fight started with Vendler writing a review critical of Dove’s recently published Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry. It flared in full when Dove published a lengthy rebuttal. Numerous literary journals and blogs then rushed to join the fray. On one side [...]

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Blog # 30: Auster thoughts

TweetToday’s blog is composed under the influence of Paul Auster’s The Invention of Solitude. I’m rereading the second half of the book, and it occurs to me that the title does not mean inventing solitude so much as it means that which is invented by solitude. The first half of the book invents the father. [...]

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