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Blog #49: Lily Briscoe and Gwen John

TweetI’m scrambling to get ready for the long drive to Saskatoon, and yet I want to get one last Lily Briscoe blog in. I’ve reached the point where I see Lily everywhere, and this time I’ve spotted her in Gwen John (1876-1939), “God’s little saint.” Gwen was Augustus John’s sister, and she is increasingly thought [...]

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Blog #48: Again Charles Tansley and Sir Arthur Tansley

TweetThe Arthur Tansley / Charles Tansley connection needs more examination and discussion…much more. When I first raised the possibility that Charles Tansley might owe his surname to Arthur Tansley, I was focused on Edmund Gosse and Philip Henry Gosse. I hardly thought about Sir Arthur, except as a link, a mordant yet minor Virginia bite [...]

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Blog #47: Father and Son and Fathers and Sons

TweetFather and Son and Fathers and Sons I’ve been playing literary detective for the last four day, trying to establish Edmund Gosse’s influence on 20th century literature. Not an easy task. Part of the trouble is that Gosse knew everybody, and his tracks are everywhere. He was friends with Max Beerbohm, Andre Gide, Rider Haggard, [...]

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Blog #46: Lily Briscoe and Sylvia Gosse and Lisa Stillman and…

Tweet Lily again. So far I’ve proposed Nellie Gosse and Arthur Briscoe as possible models. This time my model for Lily Briscoe is Sylvia Gosse (1881-1968), Gosse’s youngest daughter, less than one year older than Virginia and conceivably a childhood playmate. Never married, she assisted and supported Walter Sickert (1860-1942) for over thirty years, and, [...]

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Blog #45: Public Outing?: Virginia Woolf’s Treatment of Edmund Gosse

TweetWhen assembling Fathers: A Literary Anthology, I was struck by the delighted and delightful waspishness of Virginia Woolf’s essay about Edmund Gosse. I called the essay “brilliant” and “edgy;” I seriously underestimated it. “Edmund Gosse” is much more than brilliant and edgy. It is radium. It is an essay filled with “the elegance of the [...]

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