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Blog #201: Bishop in Dove instead of Woolf

Tweet Fathers don’t have to be dynasts to bridge past and future. Through family and family stories, almost every father roots his children to the past while growing different possible futures through present actions. Understanding of “Grape Sherbet” is deepened by the knowledge that Rita Dove’s father was the first black man allowed to work [...]

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Blog #200: On Why Meredith Was Not Allowed to Go the Way of Calprenede and Scudery

TweetWill you at any rate write to me? I hardly think so. You always say you love writing letters, but you never do it. The inconsistency of your sex, I suppose. Yours would be more soothing to read than George Meredith’s. What do you think? I opened that volume just before I left Belsize yesterday, [...]

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