Blog #19: Marketing Fathers and chopping Fiji

I’m pushing ever deeper into the marketing jungle. Marketing was not something I anticipated, six years ago when I wrote the first anthology item—the Bruce Chatwin introduction, if I remember rightly. Now, though, I need a sharp machete to hack a path through website, twitter, facebook, internet, radio and tv interviews, street busking, literary festivals, bookstore signings, talks, literary conferences, bus stop billboards, this blog, and–my latest venture–GoogleAdwords.

The Adwords experience is a remarkable one. Their service is extremely easy to use, and it took me less than an hour to create an ad and to set parameters, including key words, price per ad (a dollar or less), daily spending limits (five dollars), and a total budget (two hundred and fifty dollars), and distribution. On my first day, I got eight visits (clicks) within twenty-four minutes. On my second day, I got seven visits, again within twenty-four minutes.

Talk about exotic explorations! Last night I got peered at by people in Bremen, in Brussels, and in Navatuvula, Fiji. The night before I was checked out by residents of Bombay, New Delhi, Dublin, and Kampala. So far, though, no one is buying my trinkets. I am going to have to fine-tune my campaign and alter key words. I’ve already limited distribution, and there will be no more African safaris or Indian processions. Too bad, really, as exotic sites appearing on my site meter give me some of the same thrill that I had when, as a young boy, I acquired a Sierra Leon or Trinidad and Tobago stamp. However, I only have forty-eight days left to find the “open sesame’ that will convert clicks into sales. No room for sentiment. Time to wield the marketing machete.

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