Patremoir Tweet Summary #3: There is a Season by Patrick Lane

There is A Season by Patrick Lane (McClelland & Stewart 2004)

These tweet “Patremoir of the week” summaries are a godsend. Blogging time has had to be reassigned to an unpleasant outbreak of plumbing and plastering. The tweet summary allows me to maintain the illusion of blogging. I’ll strengthen the illusion by prefacing the tweets with an edited version of my anthology introduction to Patrick Lane’s poem “Father”:

“I circle my father’s death for a means to get close. I remember my Uncle Jack pushing my head into my father’s coffin. The taste of lipstick and powder will stay on my lips forever. Kiss him, he cried, Kiss your father goodbye.” So Patrick Lane in There is a Season. There is a cruel courage in how Lane dwells on the memory of his murdered father and voices pain and grief. In the breathtaking, breath giving tradition of Derek Jarman’s Modern Nature, There is a Season turns to nature and gardens for healing from the hurtful, painful wonder of life. With this savage, soothing book, Lane, fulfilling a promise he made in an early father poem, “Fathers and Sons,” reaches “down into the heavy earth” and sings his father “back into the day,” and himself free of the poisons of drugs and alcohol. There is a Season is a lyrical masterpiece to be treasured by all recovering alcoholics, gardeners, and lovers of Annie Dillard and Thoreau.

There Is a Season tweets:

In the first few summers after my father’s murder I stayed with my mother in Vernon.
8 Jan

I remembered how hard my daughter tried to make a father out of me when she was in her late teens and early twenties and how crazy it had been for both of us
7 Jan

I remember my Uncle Jack pushing my head into my father’s coffin.
6 Jan

I have lived my fathers life.
5 Jan

Deep in the mine where my father toiled, water falls upon stone.
4 Jan

The fear I had of my father was not one of violence….It was a fear of love.
3 Jan

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