Patremoir Tweet Summary #6: Messages from My Father by Calvin Trillin

With Trillins’ trademark dignity and quiet wit, this short patremoir radiates filial appreciation. Messages from My Father is a book grounded in common sense and responsibility, a “from Missouri” kind of book. From beginning to end, this is a book about subtle messages and light editing. In celebrating the integrity and gentle wisdom of the unassuming, gently stubborn, Abe Trilinsky, Trillin also celebrates the immigrant triumph of successfully building a better future. Trillin paints his father as a man who put his family ahead of himself. Without Abe Trilinsky, grocer and “mensch,” there would be no Calvin Trillin, New Yorker essayist and “mensch.”

Messages from My Father tweets:

If my father started reading a book, he finished it, whether he liked it or not.
29 Jan

There was a lot about my father that was strictly western Missouri.
28 Jan

Taking it for granted that your son was going to do something and having him do it, my father had discovered, were not the same thing.
27 Jan

Basically, though, I think I’ve accepted most of my father’s messages, with just a little light editing here and there.
26 Jan

My father was a strong believer in highly shined shoes and carefully folded pocket handkerchiefs.
25 Jan

I remember the moment when it dawned on me that my father did not impress the world at large as a powerful figure.
24 Jan

My mother’s view was that my father’s stubbornness was perfectly understandable if you considered the family he came from.
23 Jan

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