Blog #40: “A Genius for Inaccuracy”: Andre Gerard and Edmund Gosse

Ouch, ouch, ouch! I’ve just discovered a glaring howler in Fathers. The metaphor, mixed as it sounds (though there is no reason why howlers shouldn’t glare), expresses my annoyance and irritation at making such a stupid mistake. Fittingly, I made the mistake in my biographical sketch of Edmund Gosse. Perhaps my “genius for inaccuracy” was inspired by his. At any rate, in the sketch I credit Thomas Arnold with providing a reference for Gosse in 1883–a remarkable feat, given that Thomas Arnold died in 1842. Bloody hell! I find it mind boggling that I could substitute Thomas for Mathew, the father for the son, in this way, especially as I’m referring to the poetic Trinity of Arnold, Browning and Tennyson. The embarrassment of it. The shame of it. All those proof readings, personal and professional, and Fathers still contains errors like this! I wonder how many other inaccuracies are waiting to bite me.

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